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A suite specifically designed for Energy Suppliers.

irex Energy Suite is a valuable tool for energy suppliers seeking a competitive edge in the market. It is a modular and integrated pricing and portfolio management SaaS toolbox designed specifically for energy suppliers. With its ability to handle customers of different sizes and types, from mass market to large industrial sites, including pure consumers, producers, and prosumers, it streamlines operations and optimizes pricing and portfolio management strategies. Additionally, it covers a broad range of commodities such as Electricity, Gas, and certificates. Currently operational in the Belgian and French markets, energy suppliers can leverage irex Energy Suite to enhance their efficiency and success.

irex energy suite product designed for energy supplier

Quoting. Like you've never seen it.

product benefits irex energy
fast and tailored quotes
followup process
transparent validation process
pricing component
flexible tool configuration
simple integration
cloud based

Fast and tailored quotes

In just a few clicks. Immediately compute different offers for one prospect, change the results as needed.

Clear offer follow-up process

Always have a view on all the phases in the offer process.

Transparent offer validation process

Always have a view on all the phases in the offer process.

Easy management of pricing components

Such as risk premiums and margins. Manage the rules to calculate the pricing components.

Flexible product configuration

Easily create and adapt your product portfolio.

Simple integration

With other tools such your CRM and billing software. Save time and increase your data quality.

Cloud Based

Create, validate and sign offers wherever you are.

Impressive result

Improve your financial result.
Clear and ensured margins.
Ensured margins
Be the fastest in the market.

Quick adaptation to changing market conditions and new insights.

Quick adaptation
Know your limits. To beat your competitors.

Control your risk premiums and adapt them at any time.

Controlled risks
Know exactly how you perform. Instantly.

Easy and clear operational & financial reporting.

Clear reports

Your whole team will love it

irex energy suite tool
account manager
irex report
sourcing manager
risk assessment

Account manager

In just a few clicks, calculate prices for multiple products. Need to change some elements, such as the margin? Not a problem. Offer follow-up is easy thanks to the built-in status flow. Of course the tool is always accessible from the cloud.

Pricing manager

Easily manage the risk and pricing components that are used to generate the quotes. This ensures that only genuine quotes are presented to prospects. All details are saved, making it easy to create detailed reports.

Sourcing manager

Instantly track the evolution of the position and take the required sourcing
actions thanks to full integration with deal management.

Business manager

Have a complete overview of the quoting process. Be notified when a divergent offer needs validation and immediately accept or reject it. Easily adapt the required margin mark-ups and rules and ensure a positive margin contribution for every contract and customer.

What our clients say


We support you in managing your product portfolio, pricing schemes and lead2contract process, no matter if you are just starting in the industry or have an extensive track record.


From our experience as consultants in the energy world, we know how difficult it is to efficiently master the lead2contract process:

  • Generating quotes with the correct data
  • Track the offer process
  • Be sure that only valid quotes are offered to customers
  • Guarantee a positive margin contribution for every contract
  • Integrate the results within your CRM, sourcing and balancing processes
  • Quickly adjust quote calculation data to market events or financial results
  • Create decent reporting

That’s why we are developing a suite that enables you to master the complete process, from the first lead to the sourcing of the energy.

How we

We will involve you right from the start and begin with analyzing your existing or to be product portfolio. From our experience, we can also advise and help you increase product knowledge and gain insights in pricing components, pricing schemes and cost breakdowns. We translate this into functional requirements to obtain a fully customized version of the tool. Once this is clear, we start setting up your environment. Our goal is to involve you as quickly as possible and immediately process your feedback. After some iterations, thorough collaborative testing from our team and yours, and the appropriate training, you can start quoting efficiently!With our irex approach, we greatly increase set up speed whilst guaranteeing quality.


We are constantly working on improving our tool based both on user feedback and new insights:
We are currently finalising our integrated deal management tool. This will enable you to immediately see your market exposure and take the necessary sourcing actions. No paper work anymore: once a contract is signed, it automatically appears in your position!
The next step is to incorporate day ahead and intraday balancing and forecasting.
Our goal is to evolve into a fully integrated ARP suite, using the latest technologies and process automatisations to optimise the results as much as possible.

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