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The importance of data is increasing at full speed and it is become a key domain across all industries. The lack of available data was once a key obstacle to business actors, preventing them from taking data-driven action. In modern industries, primary challenges have shifted towards the explosion of both data quantity and sources, and the exponential development of data technologies like AI.

Robust data management strategies, including advanced analytics, paired with technical know-how and stakeholder cooperation are major success factors in staying relevant and innovative. Overcoming the complexities of integrating and understanding data, ensuring privacy and security, and creating bridges across departments lead to improved efficiency of the business as a whole.

Data Science

BI & Reporting

Data Migration

We engineer high-performance algorithms, including AI and machine learning, to tackle complex optimization problems. From risk management, forecasting in trading and portfolio management, to intelligent churn rate predictions in commercial fields, our numerical methods support decision-makers in getting the most out of all opportunities. 

We leverage our industry-leading expertise in structuring data and creating actionable analytics. irex consulting is highly skilled in the implementation of data warehouses and visualisation systems in order to facilitate business decision-making throughout the value chain. 

We help clients in various industries reliably and securely migrate data between systems. Often in the context of mergers and transitions by defining appropriate target data models, designing optimal data migration strategies and leading technical partners in the implementation phase.


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Wim De Swert

Founder and CEO

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Thomas L’Eglise


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Koen Van Riet


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Philippe Delaruelle


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Mehdi Tamirou

Business Developer

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