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We help executives to discover opportunities and decide on effective strategies to innovate, grow and improve their bottom-line. We tackle our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, analytics, mergers & acquisitions and sustainability. We bring deep, functional expertise in the Energy, Telecom and Mobility industries globally.

We are confident in tackling new frontiers and are known for our hands-on approach. We look for value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.


New Ventures


Operational Excellence

irex Consulting provides customized solutions tailored to your specific needs and challenges. Our range of services includes an extensive organizational re-design program spanning multiple months, aimed at enhancing your company’s capabilities to achieve its strategic goals. We also offer expertise in M&A strategy, as well as in-depth and focused analyses of growth opportunities, process assessment, and audits, which can be completed within a span of several weeks.

Upon understanding your requirements, we define the project scope, identify the necessary workload and resources, and develop an ambitious yet realistic plan and timeline. Considering the broader context in which your challenges or requirements exist, we formulate a cross-cutting plan taking all stakeholders into account and aligning seamlessly with your business ecosystem and value chain. Leveraging our market knowledge, we deliver goal-oriented outcomes, supported by our expertise and insights gathered throughout the project.

Our services generate value in various ways, ranging from straightforward analysis or metric summaries to conducting targeted experiments, providing guidance on new investments, and creating blueprints or roadmaps to tackle future challenges. We strive to create tangible and measurable value that directly benefits your organization.

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Wim De Swert

Founder and CEO

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Thomas L’Eglise


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Koen Van Riet


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Philippe Delaruelle


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Mehdi Tamirou

Business Developer

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