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Adapting Process in a changing Energy Lanscape

The utility market implementation guide (UMIG) details the processes and related information exchange between parties in the liberalized energy market. Since 2011, its development is guided by Atrias, a joint venture of the Belgian distribution grid operators (DGOs). 
MIG6, the new Belgian energy market message exchange system guidelines, is a long-running, all-encompassing project for almost every Belgian market player. Promising more efficient message handling, new concepts for customer liberalization in a smart-meter world and various advantages such as direct gridfee invoicing, it also comes at a cost of sometimes intensive process and technical changes for every market player.

Smooth transition is key on short term

As the MIG6 GoLive deadline comes nearer, currently foreseen for September 2021, all market parties prepare for the Transition phase. Compliance is obligatory as no MIG4 parallel processes will remain, and in order for a supplier to stay competitive in an ‘Internet of Energy’ MIG6 world, opportunities must be spotted early and prepared for on the mid-long term, while a smooth transition is key on the short term.


irex Transition Approach

irex consulting has a range of possibilities for our clients to prepare for the MIG6 switch. We provide a general understanding with Transition phase workshops, assess client-specific impact and manage the execution of runbooks, developments and training. Our ‘irex MIG6 Transition impact book’ contains no less than 111 entries and can be applied to any client. Examples of business process changes and department activity adaptations that can be advised are:

  1. Invoicing supply periods that cross MIG4 and MIG6 with emphasis on splitting methods
  2. Adaptation of allocation, reconciliation and imbalance budgets during Transition phase
  3. Timing and content of client communication
  4. Advice on sales processes during Transition phase
  5. Bad debt provisions
  6. Best practices to be ahead of the curve after GoLive
  7. Region-specific adaptations in any domain
  8. Margin impacts for local production clients

irex team uses these best practices and build up the knowledge to be able to guarantee a successful preparation, implementation and execution of the Transition phase. This is for both large suppliers with well-detailed process changes as upcoming suppliers for which compliancy at least cost is a priority. Transition approaches, runbooks, communication and disaster plans are in our repertoire. Any transition project in the past, present or future is warranted to be followed up, in close collaboration with our clients.

“MIG6 : A new world of opportunities”

Opportunities scoping.
Through its expertise in MIG6 as well as the energy market, irex team has been able to identify multiple opportunities in MIG6, be it to reposition oneself strategically, launch new revolutionary products or improve your operational excellence with new possibilities.

irex consulting has already given multiple, client-specific strategic workshops around MIG6 opportunities, both for B2C as B2B suppliers. Topics can range from capturing new markets to advanced client-service models possible in the MIG6 world, as well as risk assessments on new competing offers and players that will pop-up once the customer can freely access detailed data. Opportunities will open up for first movers and irex team can guide you to the Achilles of Troy adage: take it, it’s yours!

Through workshops and close client interaction, based on expertise and data analysis, we develop on-demand business cases for a myriad of topics, such as:

  1. New client portfolios
  2. Complementary services and new value propositions
  3. E-mobility impact & opportunities
  4. Retention opportunities
  5. Future pricing & billing methodologies such as direct spot-market buying
  6. Sourcing optimizations in the new MIG6 model

Operational excellence. 
Based on in-depth MIG6 knowledge, irex team can advise, analyze and implement solutions that actively make use of the MIG6 opportunities. Impacts on bad debt, sourcing and invoicing are present after the switch. Whether it is an increase in reconciliation revenue, less provision risk due to direct gridfee invoicing, or process changes to lower the amount of manual checks and controls, due to direct access to the correct data, we can bring and have brought multiple MIG6 projects successfully to completion.

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